Cubase Pro 8 has Acoustic Agent SE?

I bought new Cubase Pro 8 and when I add Instrument from F11 Groove Agent SE, I can see only BeatAgent there.
I think I should get Acoustic Agent SE as well but I can’t see. What can I do?

Look in the presets for Groove Agent SE, you should find the Acoustic Agent kit listed.

If you set a filter column to “Library Name”, Acoustic Agent SE is supposed to appear with its presets.
However, when I purchased Cubase pro, Acoustic Agent was not there either.
For me, the problem was solved by following the download instructions from steinberg for the Essentials version:

Hope you get it working - it looks like a useful instrument.

Thanks for replies… When I find and click “Library Name” column I could see Acoustic Agent SE… But still sometimes it doesn’t available to see, when I click preset box I see only “Category” column and I can find “Library Name” with chance :slight_smile:

And I saw this link:
But I thought this is for only Cubase Elements 8 users…

When you are in preset browser, click Shift - F2 to open the window setup and tick the ‘filters’ box.
any column can be set to “library Name” by clicking the heading and choosing it under the “Audio-Assets” list.

I used the link because I seemed to be missing the actual files in my computer, but that doesn’t seem to be your issue.