Cubase Pro 8 installation destroyed Native Instruments Apps


Yesteday, i brought Cubase Pro 8, downloaded and installed it. The installer updated some c++ librarys in Windows 7 via redistributables. However, after finishing the installation and starting Cubase Pro 8, there where some errormessages: ‘Could not load XXX because MSVCP120d.dll is missing’. The result: Kontakt 5 and Maschine 2 wheren’t able to load. Same in Cubase 7.5.3. But the Standalones where working fine. After some research, i downloaded the un-altered redistributables from microsoft and that fixed the error in Cubase 7.5. But in Cubase Pro 8, the error remains. No Kontakt 5 and Maschine 2…

Any ideas?

Ah … the beloved Windows DLL/Runtime/Framework Hell. :mrgreen:

Try to reinstall this one here



Thanks for your reply, but i’ve already done that. It seems to fix the issue with Kontakt 5, but no luck with Maschine 2.2 so far…in 7.5.3 everything is back to normal, and Maschine 2.2 works flawless.

But there must be a reason WHY the Cubase Pro 8 installer altered the .dll in the first place…

Naa … the problem is not the Cubase Installer … in this case something was mixed up by the Microsoft Runtime Installer. Did you install the 32Bit and 64 Bit VC 2013 Runtime? Does it happen to in CB8 when you start the 64Bit Version instead of the 32Bit?

I installed both redistributables (x86 and x64) but i only use Cubase Pro 8 in 32 bit mode, because alot of plugins i rely on are only 32 bit. So, no, i only try it in 32 bit. Any suggestions?

Does anyone have a suggestion? I’m really not in the mood to reinstall Maschine 2 with all the expansions i own…