Cubase Pro 8 installation from Cubase 5

Hi everyone!

I’m about to replace my system hard drive to a new SSD. I want to re-install everything to get a clean installation. I bought Cubase 5 when it was released and then I’ve just paid for the upgrades up to the latest Cubase Pro 8 (8.0.10). My working station is a Mac Pro, latest OS (OS X Yosemite).

My question: is it possible to install Cubase Pro 8 from the download file for Cubase Pro 8 on the new SSD drive or do I have to install Cubase 5 and then install the upgrade? I guess it should work to install Cubase 8 Pro directly since I have the license for that version on my USB eLicenser. But I don’t know if that license is only valid for an upgrade version or if it’s also valid for the full version of Cubase Pro 8.

If it works to install Cubase Pro 8 with the upgrade license, then it should work to install new full versions after every new release in the future too, right? For instance, when the next Cubase version is released, I should be able to pay for the upgrade from my existing version, and then download the installation file for the full new version and install it, right? I don’t want a bunch of different Cubase versions on my computer and would prefer to only have the latest full version installed instead of a bunch of upgrades.

Would be very thankful for your help!

You don’t need to install Cubase 5 to install Cubase Pro 8 upgrade. Just use the full installer for Cubase 8 and not the upgrade installer. The full installer is approximately 9 GB.


Ok, thanks so much for your help! Much appreciated!