Cubase Pro 8 Installation / MySteinberg Login


I’ve got not just one, but actually 2 (and a half) questions. The first is Cubase-related, the second is about issues with my MySteinberg login (and probably just something that Cubase admins can reply to. I just add it here, because without my MySteinberg login, there does not seem to be a way to send a support request!!).

  1. issue: Cubase Pro 8 installation
    I have a MacBook when being out and about and a PC (Windows 7) back home. I would like to have the same full standard installation of Cubase 8 Pro on both obviously. Both the installation files are about 9GB. However, when I install on my PC I am told that I need about 500MB (or so) of free space on my drive, while on my Mac I am told that I do need 13GB (still, when I started Cubase after installation, I was told that Groove Agent SE is missing some content and that I should “check your installation”!!). I did not really see a lot of things to choose or did not get any error messages when installing Cubase on both PC and Mac. So I’m really confused what I can do to get:
  • a full installation on PC
  • “check” my installation on Mac to have the full content for Groove Agent SE
  1. issue: MySteinberg login
    I asked Steinberg support the above question about 2 weeks ago using my MySteinberg login to access the customer support form. Since I did not get a reply so far, I wanted to check if there is some response there (wasn’t sure if it goes to the e-mail address or is only accessible there) and possibly resend the support request. However, suddenly out of nowhere my MySteinberg login does not work anymore. I get the message: “E-mail and/or password invalid. Please try again.”. I’m 100% sure, they are correct. Nevertheless I tried with a wrong e-mail and then get the message “Account does not exist.”. Thus it seemed obvious to me that my original e-mail / username must exist and that the password is the problem. So I wanted to request a new one. However, when I click “forgot passoword?” and enter my username there, I get the message “Please activate your account first”!!!. I have activated it a long time ago and used it of course as I outlined above…

So I’m really stuck and can’t not get a proper installation of Cubase Pro 8 on both my Mac/PC and can’t even access my MySteinberg account. I actually bought Cubase 6 some years ago, but never really used it due to some issues like this and worked with Ableton Live instead. As I really like some features of Cubase and with Cubase 7 and 8 some more that I would like to use were added, I wanted to give it another try. However, I’m really frustrated now and if it goes on like this, this was it for me with Cubase…

So this forum is kind of my last hope :slight_smile:
Thanks for any help and hints in advance,