Cubase Pro 8 - 'key command' for Window->Windows...

ok I upraded to 8. Awesome!!

The windows management is great, except still no key command for

Sometimes it is better to bring a single window into focus, instead of recalling a whole ‘workspace’.

for some windows, like plugins, it is better to minimize it rather than opening it and closing it. (which the ‘edit’ button does). This would be very useful on laptops…some plugins (like Stylus RMX) take a while to render their GUI when opening a new window, so it is better to just have them minimized, and bring the window into focus instead of opening it and closing it

So I use the menu Window->Windows…

but there is no key command for it!!!

would be amazingly useful if this was implimented.

cheers and keep up the great work



I have since discoverred the windows taskbar shows the windows open in the thumbnail view - however it would still be nice to use a key command to open a list of all the windows open