Cubase Pro 8 License Problem

Okay guys, so I have Cubase 7.5 license , its been working fine until I performed a maintenance on the eLicenser. Then suddenly i lost it, and now I have license for Cubase Pro 8! And I can no longer use Cubase 7.5! SOmebody help me, I want to revert to my original Cubase 7.5 license. I dont have the software for 8.

Ps. I never bought or downloaded anything about Cubase 8, Hell, I didnt even know there was already a Cubase 8 until this happened!!!

You probably got a grace period update to Cubase 8 for free.
The Cubase 8 license WILL still run your Cubase 7.5. Please confirm that you have tried to run Cubase 7.5.
If you want to download and try Cubase 8, it will install completely separately from Cubase 7.5 and will not affect your Cubase 7.5.

To get the Cubase 8 download, go to My Steinberg, log in, and click on the “downloads” tab.