Cubase Pro 8 looks bland :(

Just finally installed Cubase Pro 8 amd maybe it is because I am used to Cubase 6 but i found the look of Cubase 8 Project window to be utterly bland. Any way of making it look more like 6? Probably not i guess but did anyone else find it a bit boring? Particularly didnt like the scroll bar. The single line looks, well, pants.

This was a pretty hot topic when CB8 first was released (search in the Steinberg lounge) and now has died down. But every so often someone who recently upgrades to CB8 voices a concern like yours. Thin scroll bars, no mixconsole “always on top”, and many more dislike the GUI. On the other side, many like it too. So… you got what you got.

To be honest, I complained about it at first but now I have grown to “not hate it”. Actually, I’m up to the “it’s not that bad” level. However, I do wish they would bring back the mixconsole “always on top” option though.

Regards :sunglasses:

Yeah, maybe I’m a change-hater! I suppose i will get used to it after a while. How nice would it be if steiny actually gave you the option of a classic theme!

I took an hour here and a hour there over several weeks this summer to poke around in the preferences dialog and the Appearances settings and I’m quite happy with the result. Most importantly I set the project background of the project window to light gray blue instead of that gloomy dark and the cycle are is now light gray yellow. I set up LOADS of track colors with “instrument groups” names I use a lot i.e. not “Retrolouge” but “Synth Lead” or “Synth Pad”. I also made indentations kind of on the meters so you see from a distance the dB area they’re jumping around in which was a nice improvement. There are a bunch of others that I don’t remember or want to bore you with but now Cubase looks great if you ask my eyes. You can do A LOT yourself! What you find good/bad is up to you …