Cubase pro 8 Online Course?

I would like to know if there is any cubase pro 8 online course? I need to learn to maneuver this infinite software.
I dont see much in youtube. I am a beginner and I am struggling methodologically to get organized in what I need to learn first and link it with my creative process.

There are all the free ones that available through the hub.
On YouTube it’s

Greg Ondo is a great resource.

Found this awesome complete course online

This is for Cubase 7… but the basic concepts remain the same… will give you a solid grounding in Cubase Concepts.

Saw that the 8.5 version of this course has 35% off code posted on Twitter.

Streamworks Audio certified Steinberg trainer, offers Steinberg fans a 35% discount. Coupon Code: icfq-4z38-ptcf

Thank you all!!!
Great help

I myself am new to Cubase (7 years with Ableton), and I recently purchased the Steamworks Audio - Complete Cubase 8.5 tutorial videos.
They are very good videos if you’re looking to get a nice understanding of the basic features of Cubase. The author doesn’t drag on boring things, and he explains things very well. It’s about 200 minutes, and they are used efficiently.

groove 3 is excellent. I use it all the time as it beats reading manuals.