CuBase Pro 8 paperback manual


When i installed CuBase, it was in 2016.
It’s now 2018 and i’ve just started using CuBase only this month.

I forget if there was a paperback operation manual in the box.
It should be with my computer or still in the CuBase box, but i don’t see it, anywhere.

Does CuBase Pro 8 come with an operation manual, or is there only the .PDF manual online?

I just found a thin, multi lingual booklet called, Quick Start Guide.


Okay, so i just downloaded a 686-page operation manual .PDF from Steinberg.
So i do have a “manual”. now.
However, my original question still remains…Should there have been be a paperback manual which came in the Cubase box?

I remember reading some random post on the forum, here, and a member was suggesting to another member that he found something (that was being discussed in THAT conversation) on page 1400 or so, in the operation manual.

I am confused, now, because the .PDF i’ve just downloaded only has 686 pages (including the INDEX at the back). How could that other member suggest to another member to read something on page 1400.
I am not certain exactly how high the page number was, but it was in the 1000’s.

Cubase hasn’t come with a full printed manual since Cubase 5. They’re expensive to print and make the package much heavier, increasing shipping costs.

You can read the manuals for your version here:

In recent versions, the manual for the main program and the score editor have been split into separate manuals.

Thanks, Romantique. I have the correct manual, now.