Cubase Pro 8 - Scheduled Recording


I’ve read the operations manual and went through the forum, but couldn’t figure out whether Cubase does any scheduled recording. What I mean by this is, I want to set up recording at a specific start and end time. Preferably for a week, but daily is fine. Is this possible?


Hi,and welcome,

I’m sorry, this is not possible.

You could use one of those macro recorders like AutoHotKeys, and open Cubase with a template or project
Then it’s just to schedule the time, this should be manageable both on Windows and OS X

If you only want to record: Audacity is able to do this. It has a timer record function. It records PCM files and you can use them with cubase. Audacity runs on windows an MAC OS and it is free.
Look here:

Thank you everyone for your replies. I’ll investigate a macro tool and Audacity.