Cubase Pro 8 Score Editor

First, a simple question: How are rests written in the score editor? I cannot find this anywhere. Secondly, when writing for piano using a grand staff, the split point, once set, seems to be globally fixed. There are some measures where I want the left hand to play notes that the right will play a few measures later. As it is, I am stuck with one split point. Is there a way to override the fixed split point for a natural flow?

Thank you!


  1. How do you Insert the MIDI Notes? Via Computer Keybord, Step Input, MIDI keyboard…?

  2. In the Score Settings > Staff > Polyphonic, you can set the Split Point.

Hi Martin. I am using the computer keyboard and the mouse to enter notes. There doesn’t seem to be a way to enter rests. I was able to set the split point, but there are places where the left hand may reach above, for example, middle C, then later the right hand drops below it, which is very common in written piano music. I was looking for a way to override the set split point for this.


If you are using Computer Keyboard input, you can hold down the Alt modifier, to be able to insert next note. When the Alt modifier is hold down, use arrow right (or also left) to move left/right, where you want to insert next note. This is the way, how to insert a rest. Then type the name of the note you want to enter, or use arrow up/down (still while Alt is hold down), and then (still with Alt) press Enter. Done.

you really do owe it to yourself to have a read through a couple of sections of the Cubase pdf Operation Manual… it explains things very well :wink:

  1. As regards rests…
    you don’t actually insert them manually (other than as purely graphical events)… they are created automatically, in function of the distance between the end of the previous note and the start of the next, together with the Staff Settings Display Quantize settings (very important… check out pg.1081 et seq… “Display Quantize”).
    Check out, also, the Display Quantize Tool, where you can change these settings at various points along the staff.
  2. As for “floating” split point…
    As Martin says, you need to have your staff set to “Polyphonic” in Score Settings>Staff>Staff Mode… there, you set which notes go to upper or lower staff according to their “voice number” (which is in fact also their MIDI Channel number), so, to change a particular note from upper staff to lower staff, or vice versa, you effectively change its voice number… see pg.1153 et seq, particularly the comment on pg.1157. (I have to admit that, for variable split, nothing beats the method in Logic Pro X, where you simply “draw” where you want the split to occur :wink: )
    But the best advice I can give you… read through the entire Score section, as your bedtime reading matter :wink:… it’s a treasure trove of useful info :wink:.