Cubase Pro 8 stop working on VST messages


When a VSTi or a plug in sends a window message Cubase stops working and hide the message,so I need to close it from the task manager…
e.g. Kontakt send a missing samples message…the Kontakt window message never appears upfront until Cubase is closed,same with JBridged plugs that sends any window message like “save previous preset”.

A fix is required and a workaround pretty welcome atm.

WIn 7 64 SP1


Latest update installed?

Simple fix … install patches.

Yep 8.0.10
What patches are you talking about?

This seems to be the workaround except for Jbridge (1.72b6)

I think by patches JM just meant the updates.

Looks like we’d both forgotten the background minimising trick…which combined with latest update will do it.
Before update you would also have had to disable AOT on the plugs and had them disappear behind the MC all the time…glad they finally sorted that out.