Cubase Pro 8 vs Logic 10.1...


I use a PC and C Pro 8. I realise many people who use a Mac actually use Logic so I am just wondering how both DAWs compare with each other. Are there things you can’t do in one but can in the other? Would love to know people’s thoughts as I haven’t got much experience with using Logic. I’m just curious.



Apple Mac abandoned me, as a DAW user, many years ago. I have zero interest in reliving that debacle. That ought to tell you something valuable, if not the answer to the question you asked.

I don’t believe there is any VST support in Logic now, which really seems like a limitation to me (and please someone correct me if I am wrong). Yes there are lots of AU plugs, but its like comparing a pea to Mount Everest. Cubase does not do AU by default, the winner is still clear in my mind.

I think you can do much more with remote controls in Logic, I have friend who runs Logic on his Mac, he is super deep into many hardware synths, every single parameter of each is mapped… nuts! And you can run Cubase 8 on a Mac, you can only run version 5 or older of Logic on a PC.

Pricing is another difference, Logic is cheaper. But then there’s that fancy mac hardware to pay for… sooooooo… :laughing:

Logic does support VST.

Would love to hear opinions from people that actually use both Logic 10.1 and Cubase Pro 8. I watch a lot of tutorials via the internet (learning about specific Sample Libraries) and many of them are demonstrated in Logic so am just curious. Is VST Expression and Articulation Lanes in Logic X?

Are you sure?

Oh right. I was listening to a Podcast with Film Composers and they all said you can use VSTs. Guess they must have been talking using VSTs with a wrapper.

You can load Cubase on a PC and a Mac, logic used to.

Yeah I would already own a copy of Logic if it was on PC. Many people use it and some people prefer it. Just trying to understand why.

honestly, I think it all has to do with preference at this point in time. I was a hard core logic user after Pro Tools. This was a very long time ago! I moved to Cubase when Apple bought it. I never look back.

When I look back at my time with Logic Audio, I remember how frustrated that application used to make me. There were so many menu redundancies that it drove me mad.

You should totally check it out for yourself if you’re up for it. Make up your own mind. :slight_smile:

And using Logic may have you looking like Tom’s avatar, sad but true. :laughing:

Yea indeed!

Are you implying that Logic™ is udderly ridiculous? :wink:

To err is human, to forigve is bovine :wink:

Personally, I am glad there are so many DAW choices, as otherwise, all these forums would be dull and boring. :neutral_face:

I’ve been reading the logic manual and there are things / workflow that I dont like for one the horizontal meter in the main project window and the way you sidechain. On the other hand I started using the latest Garage Band which has a lot of logic sounds 15 GB of audio loops very impressive. I think logic is still a few steps behind cubase pro 8 but offers a 20 GB audio loop library and some good instruments. Cubase has a better mixer and many more / better toys like channel strips and overall way better workflow. Having both wouldn’t hurt your music career. :smiley:

Could someone tell me if it’s possible to use the Mainstage VST instruments on Cubase 8?

I’ve recently purchased a Mac and would like to keep using Cubase. I understand the mainstage sounds are useable in Logic - but is that also the case with Cubase?

I believe you can’t, they’re probably not VST’s but AU’s.