Cubase Pro 8 won't start

I bought Cubase Pro 8, but it won’t run on my system (which ran 7.5 and earlier versions no probs). It has to do with Windows Aero / DWM. (Error msg: “DWM composition is not running; please switch to an Aero theme”).

I appear to have everything running that should be (previously had a lot of services turned off to maximise CPU & RAM availability for the DAW). I’ve enabled DWM and Aero themes run. I’ve run through what I could find on Google to make registry changes associated with Aero / DWM that others have experienced, and have tried new, old and medium vintage graphics drivers.

The system specs meet what Steinberg stipulates - Windows 7 64bit on 2.7GHz 6 core AMD Phenom II X6 1045T with 16Gb RAM, 1Gb ATI Radeon HD5570 graphics and external Steinberg MI4 soundcard. Direct X 11 and WDDM compliant.

Has anyone had a similar issue and been able to resolve?


Well I got past that step. After much investigation, turns out my second monitor was set at 16 bit colour instead of 32, which apparently doesn’t let aero run fully (although themes load okay). Now the problem is with the e-licenser not connecting to the server!

currently having the same problem. it seems Steinberg should offer more info on upgrading to Cubase pro 8. 7.5 works flawlessly on my system. I upgraded to version 8 $100.00 mind you for its most loyal customers. and I get this message that says. DWM COMPOSITION IS NOT RUNNING. PLEASE SWITCH TO AN AREO THEME WHICH I DID AND STILL GET THE ERROR MESSAGE. I have direct x 11 but can not figure out the WDDM 1.1 version or how to get it.I am using a Radeon 7000 series video card using 2 monitors…
I hate having to buy a new video card just to use the pro 8 upgrade. somebody please, is there a work around this???