Cubase PRO 8

Hi guys.

i hope this is good sharing and helping forum to one another.

I have one issue with my Cubase PRO 8, my Mac OS is 10.14.6 and my cubase 8 is Version 8.0.40 Build 623.
Basically, i dont have any issue before this but i am not sure if its an upgrade of OS issue.

I am doing my edits mix down for about 36channels total.
whenever i wanted to export the tracks, be it Wav or MP3. it couldn’t export FULLY and it crash. the whole APP just close and it just asked me to report.
But when i try to do an simple export using 3-4 tracks, its able to do so. I didnt do any settings on both session files.

Any idea if i am missing any steps out?
could you guys share your thoughts and idea?

Hear from you guys soon.
Cheers all!