Cubase Pro 9.0.1 has stopped working (startup crash)

Anyone could please help me on this issue?

Windows 7 64bit

All the time when i start cubase 9 it crash while scanning, however it always crash while scanning for video player as showing the attached picture.
CP9 Crash.JPG


Make sure your plug-ins are up-to-date, same as your audio driver, and Quick Time Player.

plug-ins are up-to-date - YES
audio driver - YES
Quick Time Player YES

with or without QT it still crashing at startup. I am pretty sure it is a video player related problem.
So frustrated

Ableton working fine on same system. Just Cubase doesn’t open. I need further support please

Steven Slate drum was causing cubase to crash if it was in any of my projects if that’s any help.

Cubase Pro 9
Halion 5
Groove Agent 4
and few plugins from Waves.

Cannot open Cubase Pro 9.0.1

I don’t have QuickTime on my system as it not supported on Windows computers.

Thak you for help jimzepellin

You could remove the videoengine component, if you don’t use video in Cubase.

If you don’t need video playback at all in Cubase, find the Windows file equivalent to OSX’s “”, drag it out of the application folder to a place where it can do no further harm, such as the Recycle Bin.

I removed the videoengine.dll as recommended by other user in different topic and now Cubase works fine.

So that means I cannot use Cubase with video at all?
Any further recommendation for future.

Thank you all

When the videoengine is removed, you cannot use video.

Apparently Steinberg still dealing with its video engine issue as Apple stopped supporting Windows OS