Cubase Pro 9.0.10 Show automation Command issue

Hello i am working with Cubase 9.0.10 64bit right now. I came across a problem that doesn’t exists in Cubase 8.5. When Instruments are used with multiple outputs the command (Show all automation, show automations on selected track) don’t reveals all the automation you used anymore.

Step to reproduce this issue.

  1. Open an Instrument Track.
  2. Put Groove Agent 4 or SE or whatever Instrument on it.
  3. Activate all Outputs.
  4. Activate “Write” for Automations on the Instrument Track.
  5. Play back the Projekt and start to write automations from several parameters so that you have a significant amount of automation tracks
  6. Stop the project and select your instrument track. Hide all automation
  7. now select your instrument track with right mouse key and select “Show automation from selected Track”

For a split second the automations show up but closes imediately.

This doesn’t happen on Intrument Tracks that are not multiout.