Cubase Pro 9.0.30 - Amplitube 3 dissapearing from projects

So, after 9.0.30 update my Amplitube 3 started to dissapear on 9.0.20 projects (didn’t check 9.0.30 projects yet) - it gives NO ERROR - plugin is just gone from insert 1 (in my case). Also, when I try to add Amplitube on insert - after click on name Amplitube 3 - it’s doing NOTHING. Of course there is no information about the error so I open projects, work on them and then save changes - with NO AMPLITUBE on inserts - btw one time I forgot to save another version of projects - and here it is - I have no chance to recover my Amplitube settings on those channels. When I open new empty project - Amplitube is working, but when I open sessions where it’s engaged on a project - it’s not working.

P.S. I just recovered to Cubase 9.0.0 and problem still exist - any ideas?

It is discussed here: