Cubase Pro 9.0.30 video engine VERY unstable.

I’m doing some work to video where I have imported an mp4 at 1280x720 to work with. I’m cutting sections out and moving them around the project window and suddenly Cubase locks up. It hasn’t “crashed” so to speak as I can see in the task manager that the CPU value changes from 03 to 04, but the program is completely unresponsive.

Trying to reproduce is quite difficult as it does seem random, however if I move the cubase timeline around with the video window open, this seems to lock it up more than anything else. I guess I’ll try a smaller resolution file but was wondering if mp4 is best to use so…

What are the recommended file types for Cubase please? I presume there is a specific type which has been tested more than others?



Quick update. I converted the file to a 480p video using Handshake - - and Cubase seems to be a lot more stable now.

Next day update. The video engine is still locking up Cubase, but with the smaller 480p mp4 it’s much less frequent. More 3-4 times a day rather than 1-2 times an hour.