Cubase Pro 9.5.1 crashes on tempo detection

Every time I run this on a guitar event, it gets to 99% and then crashes. Windows 10 Pro. Tried disabling preferences. Any guesses or troubleshooting steps?


Could you share the crashdump file (Documents/Steinberg/crashdump), please?

It doesnt create a crash dump file. Only see the Windows event which says Cubase crashed.

Are you willing to share the guitar WAV/MP3 file (via PM)?

sure. when I try and attach the wav file to a PM to you it says invalid file extension. ?


ZIP it or share via Dropbox, and send a link via PM, please.


It doesn’t crash to me, here.

Any specific settings?

weird. nothing on that track but the raw audio. I even reinstalled Cubase 9.5.1, trashed my profile and preferences, created a new project and imported the wav files. Nothing helps. Can I ask you to export a tempo map for me so we can do the overdubs? :smiley:

Here we go.

I owe you! awesome. thank you. I changed the time signature to 2/2 cuz it was 2x speed. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it and stay in 4/4, but we can work so I’m stoked. thanks Martin