Cubase Pro 9.5.1 mac crash on tempo track import and save

Absolutely stuck with this one… I’m producing complicated orchestral stuff, and need to export/import a tempo track and marker track across various projects. Never had a problem before, but with 9.5.1, Cubase crashes out when I save the project after importing the tempo track. (the tempo track imports OK)

To reproduce the crash:

  1. Export tempo track from a project and close project.
  2. Open new project
  3. Import the exported tempo track
  4. Save Project

Result - Spinny wheel for approx 10 seconds, then crash out completely…

I’ve tried to ‘save as’ etc… no use. Restart, etc. No use. A ‘-01’ version of 0bytes is saved before the crash, but the new saved version isn’t recoverable after re-boot of Cubase. Old version before tempo import is still recoverable.

Mac 10.11.6 2 x 2.8Ghz quad core. 22Gig Ram.

Any ideas???



Please, provide the source *.crash file located in the macOS Console utility.

Hi again, and thanks Martin for the reply. I’ve now solved this by doing the following…
Back-up user/library/preferences/cubase9.5. Un-install version 9.5 using ‘clean my mac’ or similar.
Install version 9.5 from the ‘complete install’ 12 gig download (NOT the updater from version 9 to 9.5).
Launch Cubase 9.5, then exit once happy that everything is there OK. Replace the preference folder with the backed up version.
The only bug still remaining when importing a tempo track is the time signature changes in the tempo track appear to have moved to different locations, even though they actually haven’t, which is remedied by saving and re-loading project, and all is well so far after two days use with NO crashes! (and 9.5.1 updater from 9.5 works fine too)