Cubase Pro 9.5.10 Crashes On Exit If Cubase iC Pro Was Running

Whenever I use Cubase iC Pro with Cubase Pro 9.5.10, Cubase Pro crashes when I try to exit the application. Cubase Pro 9.5.10 does not crash on exit if I haven’t run Cubase iC Pro during that session. As a result of the crash, the Hub is not updated, so I do not see the project I was working on in the Hub the next time I run Cubase Pro 9.5.10.

The same thing was happening with Cubase Pro 9.5, and with Cubase Pro 9.0.x.

Cubase iC Pro is useful enough to me that it’s worth letting Cubase Pro 9.5.10 crash every time, but it’s a nuisance, and I hope Steinberg fixes it.


Do you have the latest iC Pro component installed?

Could you provide the crash file, please?

I am currently running Cubase 9.5.10, Steinberg SKI, Cubase iC Pro

I have attached a zip file containing some recent crash logs. I had it crash on me about 20 minutes ago, so the problem is definitely still happening. (484 KB)

All 4 crashes are the same.

Sent to Steinberg.

That makes sense. The only Cubase crashes I’ve been experiencing are the ones when I try to quit Cubase while I’m using iC Pro.


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So… I just installed Cubase iC Pro yesterday on my iPad Pro and same issue here: Cubase (Pro 9.5.20) crashes on exit - even if I’ve closed iC Pro before exiting Cubase Pro.

Same here. 9.5.20 didn’t fix the problem.

Same problem here with Cubase 9.5.21 (Win10).