Cubase Pro 9.5.10 Tempo Syncing Questions

So…I had a source track from an artist, threw it in Cubase, properly tempo-detected it, and thought I had it tempo corrected. I found out after recording about five vocal takes (I’m going to cover it) that the tempo went off sync after the end of my vocals.

I redid the tempo detection and edited the new one so that it stayed synced the entire way this time. That much is good.

The problem is that the vocals I recorded against the original tempo stayed synced only until right before the end, and didn’t actually stay synced to the backing original past a certain point. I tried stretching to match project tempo, I tried setting definition from tempo. I just could not get it to do it automatically in any way, shape, or form.

Anyone know how to do that? …Take vocals recorded against one tempo definition, rework the definition from one track, and then set the tempo to what you’ve recorded in the interim? I have RARed my project at the point before I cleared out the vocals, just in case those takes are somehow salvageable.

I have to wonder if I had highlighted all the tracks, instead of just the main backing track, before setting the definition from tempo, if it would have worked. It was a bitch to rework the tempo track on this, so I’d rather just re-record instead of doing that over. However, it would be good to know for the future if that would have worked.

Appreciate any input available.


EDIT: If anyone is interested, I am working on Billy Thorpe’s “East of Eden’s Gate”. Considering the weird stuff he did, and how things change up, it actually works admirably well for the brute force pass. Not quite as good as Melodyne, but Cubase doesn’t seem to honour Melodyne 4’s MIDI tracks as tempo maps. If anyone knows a way to make Cubase honour Melodyne tempo exports, I’d love to hear it.

Wow. Nada? Nobody knows how it works? Does Steinberg even monitor the forums at all?

I love Cubase, and prefer it over FL Studio (with which I started), but the community activity leaves something to be desired both here and on Reddit. If there’s an actual active userbase somewhere, do tell.

It’s not really clear what your asking, or what exactly happened in that 3rd paragraph.