Cubase Pro 9.5.41 - Mojave - eLicenser

Have just update to Pro 9.5.41 on my MacBook Pro running OSX Mojave and now receive an error message saying that “Application could not be started”.

I have downloaded the latest eLicensing centre software, but to no avail. I also have the same set up on a MacPro tower system running OSX High Sierra with no problem.

Is this a known Mojave issue?


Use a supported OS. Mojave is not yet one of those. More info can be found on the Steinberg site… :unamused:

I run Mojave and Cubase 9.5.41 works very well.
Why don’t you refrain from making bland statements.

Nice for you. Obviously it doesn´t for the OP.

I was one of those dummies that updated to Mojave, and now Cubase is so choppy and slow that I can’t even use it. Better luck next time.

C9.5.41 and macOS 10.14 are working well on my 2012 Mini.

I use a supported OS on my main set up which works fine, thought I’d give it a go on my back up system - just putting it out there if anyone else has a problem (prior to Steinberg fully testing). :wink:

I’ve got 9.5.41 working on my 2018 macbook pro with Mojave 10.14.1; haven 't given it a thorough test, but it doesn’t like the Yamaha usb driver so I can’t use my Steinberg interface. Works okay with Apollo twin. Feels like a work in progress; I sometimes get a usb MIDI failure where it loses connection with my dongle, MIDI keyboard and control surface.


But you can start Cubase?
Me, I have Mojave 10.14.1 too, but after denying Synsopos to load (never heard before!), thinking, its a Virus, the same prob…
So how can I turn back time, to accept this question?
Or is this a real Mojave problem?
If yes, surely 1-3 months to wait!!

Yes, 9.5.41 loads and seems to work well, but with the large proviso that I can’t get it to run when I load the Yamaha usb driver. Apart from that, on my system, there haven’t been any obvious problems. (As an aside, I decided to test Cubase 10 with Mojave. Again, early days, but it seems to work like a dream. Also, there is no longer a problem with the Yamaha usb driver. )