Cubase Pro 9.5 : Can't use plugins on track inserts

Hi guys,

I’m having a strange problem. I imported 16 tracks in 48 khz, 24 bits. It’s a complete show, so the files are all 50 minutes long.

The problem is : I can’t use any VST plugins ! Neither Steinberg plugins nor other one (Fabfilters, Waves…). When I use a EQ like the Fabfilters Pro Q-2, the analyzer show me no signal in & out. But the sound is here, I can see & hear it in the fader section. So the insert section is just bypassed & I don’t know why. The pre-gain works, and also the strip channel.

When I import others tracks in this project, it works… It’s only on these long & big tracks. Can’t it be protected ? By any way, I don’t know… and I don’t understand.

If I send these tracks in a Group track, it works… The problem is only on the track inserts.

When I imported the tracks, all the inputs were set to “No bus”.

Have you guys ever had this kind of problem ?

Thank you in advance !



Could you just add a new tracks and move the audio events there?

Hey guys.

I’m having the same problem in Cubase 10. Long show wav files, plugins won’t work on track inserts, etc…

Was there a fix for this?



Make sure Constrain Delay Compensation is not enabled in Cubase, please.