cubase pro 9.5 don’t work on mac mojave

i update my macos to mojave and after update when i open cubase pro 9.5 it’s an error to load DAW and want to update my elicenser!! i update it and still when i open cubase see same error!!!
please help me🙏🏻


Here is the answer.

Sorry to necro bump… since i missed the grace period, I have decided to hold off upgrading to C10 for now, as I just can’t afford $250 at this moment.

Was there ever a version of 9,5 released that does work with Mojave? On my laptop i am forced to use Catalina, and I know that doesn’t work with C9.5, so I will use it in bootcamp there… However my imac pro runs Mojave and runs very well, but so far only has Logic and PT installed (as previously I was using Cubase exclusively on my sierra 2015 macbook). I’d like to be running Cubase on the imac for sure if possible…


Cubase 9.5 officially compatible with macOS 10.11-10.14.