Cubase Pro 9.5 included VSTi presets missing


I’m having issues where with each new version, the VSTis included with Cubase are losing presets and erroring as such.

How do I reinstall presets and/or Cubase 9.5 Pro VSTis to allow Padshop and the others to work without errors?


Scott Wilson

Win10 Pro Cubase 9.530


Make sure Cubase is installed on your system drive ©.

Make sure you are installing from the Full Installer. If you are installing from DVDs, make sure you have installed data even from the 2nd drive.


thanks for your help. Yes, it has been installed from the full installer and used to work properly. It seems as though the solution is to reinstall??



Yes, if it was working and the it stopped, I would recommend to reinstall from the full installer again.

No worry, only uninstalled component will be installed. So for example your Cubase stays untouched.