Cubase Pro 9.5 Installation Question re generic ASIO driver

I’m a Cakewalk Sonar nomad in search of a new DAW. I’m leaning towards Cubase Pro, as it has strong MIDI editing capabilities, and importing Sonar files should be fairly easy, among other reasons. I’m now in the process of installing the trial version to take it for a test drive, but have read about problems Cubase users have had with the generic ASIO Driver causing conflicts with other DAWS.

I understand it is possible to uninstall this driver after installation, but I am wondering if there is a way to do the installation without installing the generic ASIO driver.

Thanks - cohenville

I have never seen an option presented to not install it during the Cubase software installation process.

FWIW… I have Studio One installed on the same PC and I have no conflicts at all.

BTW… if you want you can delete your double post here if nobody has replied to it.

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Thanks for the response and the tip…