Cubase Pro 9.5 - Mirror MIDI Vertically

I’m looking for a solution for mirroring MIDI vertically. I can mirror MIDI horizontally but no option found yet to do it vertically. It would be very useful for composing serial music: (original row, retrograde row, inversion row, retrograde Inversion row). I can do all of these in Ableton, however, I want to work completely on Cubase. Any solutions, ideas? Please let me know!

I can think of several ways but not really sure what you are asking for when you say mirror the midi?

Cubase has this function in the action pane of the Logical Editor in Value 1 and Value 2. Using it with other filters and actions provides a veritable carnival of 12-tone manipulation. The value of parameter 1 is the axis.

So now Cubase has mirror for horizontal lines, and mirror for vertical intervals.

Can you show us the steps, please?

What I said above is pretty much it. Set up your filter, your action, and hit apply.

If you are new to the Logical Editor, you will find that it’s well documented in the manual, but experimenting with it is a very good way to learn how to use it.

I’ve found a forum post with the same question. Cubase 7 MIDI Flip(invert)??? | VI-CONTROL
Here the advice was to chose VST3 and the invert option. I found the invert option under the “Operation” menu, however, didn’t found VST3, but instead “Not set”. I also read that Cubase Pro 9.5 have problem with VST3’s. So Obviously I can’t use the Invert option if VST3 is not supported.

I’m sorry, it doesn’t appear that you’re reading my messages.

Since the poster above seems so reticent to actually supply the steps (they are not obvious, even if you read the manual), here they are:

Open Logical Editor

Filter target = Type
Condition = Equal
Parameter 1 = Note

Action target = Value 1
Operation = Mirror
Parameter 1 = MIDI note number/name of whatever you want the axis of rotation to be (i.e. if you want to mirror around C3, then enter that here)

Click Apply and you’re good.