Cubase Pro 9.5 Resources

Hi, new Cubase user here. After searching the forums for suggestions, and Amazon for books, I discovered most of the books were out of date and that consensus seemed to be “use YouTube” or the manual.

I haven’t looked at the documentation yet. Having read official documentation for other DAWs, and also being a web developer, my experience is that official documentation is usually organized poorly for someone just learning something. I have read on the forum, Cubase’s is actually written pretty well. Reagrding YouTUbe, my experience is pretty hit or miss as far as quality of video.

Anyway, just want to see what people recommend as good learning resources: the manual, a specific YouTube channel or series, etc.?


I’m a new Cubase user as well. Coming from Sonar, there is a ton of great, up to date information on Cubase.

Check out Mike Smith’s Channel.

Steinberg’s official Cubase channel is pretty good as well.

Also, I just bought a Cubase 9.5 book - this just came out in January. It is print by demand, but I received mine only a week after I ordered it.

Despite its age I found (and still find) Simon Millward’s “Fast Guide to Cubase 6” the best book. Darren Jones’ book is good but skimps on detail. Also, “Audio Effects, Mixing and Mastering” by Metin Bektas can be read in one sitting and was a good read for a beginner like me.