Cubase Pro 9.5 to 10.5. Grace period for 11?

Hi, I have Cubase Pro 9.5, and was thinking of updating to 10.5. However, I might time it depending on whether or not I can get a grace period for updating to 11 later for free. At this point, would I get 11 for free, or is there a certain date if I order after, I would get it?


Hi and welcome,

No one knows the exact Grace Period date in advance here on the forum. But most probably you wouldn’t get it. The Grace Period has been applied in autumn in the last years. So we expect the same this year.

Thanks, much appreciated! I think I’ll hold off for a bit then.

Given Steinberg does not change their grace period update policy: If you buy the update to 10.5 now, but don´t activate until 11 is out, you will definitely get a grace period update to 11,

Thank you, that might be a great idea!

Explain this more? If i bought 10.5 upgrade now for $199 but did not activate and waited… it would work for version 11? I am on PRO 9 now. i just made a fresh topic asking basically this exact question the thread starter made.

If You had not gotten a grace period update before - yes.
As I wrote above: Buy 10.5 update and activate it after 11.0 or whatever it will be called is out, and you will get a 11.0 license update for free.
Again given the fact, Steinberg do not change their grace period policy.
Otherwise - if you like to tale the risk, the grace period time is 4-6 weeks. (Ithink 6 weeks for Cubase)