Cubase pro 9.5 trial disappear


i have installed Cubase pro 8.40 already,

Recently i tried to install CB pro 9.5 trial,
Then i tried to do activation with new activation code (trial) into eLicenser Control Center,
i can see Cubase pro 9.5 trial License in my USB-eLicenser,

The problem is:
When i try to open CB pro 9.5 it ask me to choose between:
1:Start Cubase Pro 9 2:Start Cubase Artist 9 3:Start License Activation

When i try with 1:Start Cubase pro 9 the Cubase start to load data and after 2 second disappear!
then when i try to Start License Activation it says: The Activation code has been used already!

i don’t know what is wrong,

system info: Windows 7 x64 - CPU i7 - 16G memory - HDD1TB

Any Idea?
Thanks in advanced,


Do you have NVIDIA Graphics card? If yes, search the forum for solution, please.

Does the splash screen appears? If yes, what is the last you can see on it?

As you are on Windows 7: please make sure that your Windows 7 is up-to-date.

Especially, check for this update: KB2670838 (“Platform Update for Windows 7”):