Cubase Pro 9.5 upgrade installation help

Dear Fellow Cubase users,

I have recently upgraded from Cubase 7 to Cubase Pro 9 and was given the ‘grace period’ opportunity to upgrade to Cubase Pro 9.5.

After installing Cubase Pro 9 and subsequently the 9.5 upgrade, I now have inside the main Steinberg folder two sub folders, one for version 9 and another for 9.5.

I am wondering if I can uninstall version 9 so I can only have version 9.5 in my studio computer, or is it mandatory and necessary to have both versions installed?

I have attached three screenshots to show my current folder structure and all the Steinberg applications installed in my computer.

Apologies for the newbie question and thanks a lot in advance for any feedback and help.

Cheers, Max T.

2. Steinberg folder structure after installing 9.5.jpg

Hi and welcome,

Yes, Cubase 9 and 9.5 are completely independent applications, so you can uninstall Cubase 9 and keep 9.5 only