Cubase Pro 9.5+Windows 10 Home updating=serious problem

Hi to all,
I’ve been through serious fiddling about Windows, eLicencer and Cubase 9.5 Pro today and all I can say that:

After recent Win 10 update Cubase 9.5 won’t work. Yes, I re-installed Cubase twice and eLicencer at least twice
and same problem persist.

I returned to previous Win10 system via Control Panel and now everything works fine as it was before last big update that
went , I think, in Monday or earlier, in sunday, I cannot remember. I returned now home from the studio, now is 20.00 h here in
EU and I gotta clients tommorow in 11.00 Like a caveman, I physicaly switched off Ethernet cable to avoid any updates until I finish that job.

Of course , that is not a soluton to our problem.

Please, Steinberg, do some kind of patch that will resolve this serious issue because Windows 10 AUTOMATICALY updates and , in Home version it cannot be changed -Win will always update itself by itself.

Or maybe You can resolve this issue together with people in Microsoft?

Please do something because this was never occured. Cubase user since 1988.


What exactly does it mean? Any message? How does it look like?

Try to start eLCC as Administrator, please.

Somethink like "a serious problem occurred / install new version of LLC / restart your machinme.

Nothing that I didn’t done several times. I re-installed Cubase 9.5 as well.

Could you share the crashdump file, please?


Despite my overnight web switch - off, it manage to download uprades during work
day and update during start (before swich on) And Cubase launched normally.

I’ll make a note how is going now… Cross fingers…