Cubase Pro 9 & CC121...


Cubase 9 is full of amazing new features…it’s sure that in the next day I will update, but there’s something I wonder…

What will happen then, with the Sternberg cc121?

It has 4 bands for the EQ channel, and now cubase pro 9 has eight! isn’t it?.. Does it means that Sternberg/Yamaha will gonna sell us a brand new hardware for the new Cubase? what will we do then with the cc121?

does anybody know anything about this? or Have anybody work with the cc121 and Cubase pro 9?

thanks in advance!

I think the CC121 was / is designed to work with the standard EQ in Cubase whithin the channel strip, which has “only” 4 EQ bands. For me there’s no real need to update the CC121… though an led ring around the knobs in the EQ section wouldn’t hurt :wink:

yes, it works by default with the channel EQ. But you can also assign the knobs with quick controls to the new EQ.