Cubase Pro 9 crashes after Cubase Pro 13 separate installation

Please HELP!
Cubase Pro 9 crashes after Cubase Pro 13 separate installation, even after uninstalling the last one.

Without some more details you won’t get any help, because there is no point to look at.

What Operating System do you have, what release, what patchlevel of Cubase 9?

If Cubase 9 crashes it probably creates dmp crash files. Upload one or two of them so we can have a look at it.

thank for your reply.
I have the os Mojave on my macbook pro. where can i find that dmp files? couse i do not receive any notification after the crashing.

Ok, I have no clue about MacOS, because I do not use any Apple products. However, there are other users like @Martin.Jirsak who know better about this.

thank you anyway


The *.ips/*.dmp files are available here:
Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: %userprofile%/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

thank you for your reply, my friend. here is the only file for today i could find (129.5 KB)


I’m sorry, this is not a *.crash or *.ips file, I could work with.

When exactly Cubase 9 crashes? While start, during some tasks (which tasks), while quit?

Did you install other components with Cubase 13? Like the new Halion Sonic 7, Groove Agent SE 5, etc.? Do you use other shared components like EuCon for example?

it crashes, when the splash appears (for choosing - open a recent project, or create a new one).
i did not install any component except the library manager and media bay.

i uninstalled all and reinstalled the 9-th version


Do you mean the Hub window?

Quit Cubase. Try to rename/remove the Steinberg MediaBay Server folder from the preferences folders, please:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Steinberg MediaBay Server

  1. yes, i mean the hub.
  2. i removed the folder (Steinberg MediaBay Server) … unfortunately no changes.


I’m sorry, I would need the *.crash/*.ips file to see, where is Cubase crashing.

Could you attach a screenshot from the Console > Crash Reports window, please?


Thank you for the screenshot. These are the files, I would like to get, please.

From this one, I can see, that the issue is in the Apple WebCore. So Cubase starts and calls the Steinberg Hub. The left side of the Hub is using the web socket to retrieve the news. This part doesn’t work.

So you can try to remove the hub component completely. Then you will not see the Hub and you can use Cubase without the Hub.

Or you can use Google to search for the com.WebCore crash. Maybe some Safari or web component cleaning might help.

Keep working with @Martin.Jirsak - it might be possible to sort this out.

The earliest version of Cubase that was officially compatible with Mojave is 9.5.41. If you have upgraded your licence to Cubase 13, then you should be able to run 9.5, which might get you back into operation.

All versions of Cubase earlier than version 11 are now out of support. This means that Steinberg will not help you if installing Cubase 13 and an unsupported version on the same system breaks the unsupported version. All you have is user support and there is only so much that even Martin can do for you.


If you updated from Cubase Pro 9 to Cubase Pro 13, you can use any Cubase version up to Cubase Pro 11 with the USB-eLicenser. In this case, there is the Cubase Pro 11 (Not upgradable) license on the USB-eLicenser.

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i did not update. it was a separate installation. by the way, the 13th was a demo version. and my usb elicenser is ok

here is the last report and there is nothing about webcore … i am gonna kill myself (((

That puts you in a tricky position, as the only version you have a full licence for is Cubase 9, which was too old to be officially compatible with Mojave.

Whilst the applications are separate installations, installing Cubase 13 will have upgraded some shared components - and these components might not be compatible with Mojave (Cubase 13 is only officially compatible with Monterey, Ventura and Sonoma). The last version of Cubase with official Mojave support is Cubase 11.

If you have a system backup, I would consider backing up your system as it currently is, and then revert the system to before you installed Cubase 13.

If you don’t have a trustworthy system backup, I would be inclined to remove all Steinberg software, reinstall Cubase 9 and see if that gets you back into operation. If not, your only option might be to upgrade to Cubase 13 so that your eLicenser licence will support Cubase 11, and move to Cubase 11.

Whatever you do here is at your own risk; I cannot guarantee the results or be held responsible if you make things worse.