Cubase Pro 9 Crashes. Unable to find support contact in order to send Crash Dump file

Hi, been using cubase for a long time. But recently its been crashing A LOT. tried 2 different systems, fresh install… same thing. Some proyects just last like 10, 15 minutes prior to crashing. I looked for tech support contact on “My Steinberg”, but wasnt able to find a specific contact link, email adress in order to send a Crash Dump File. Any help is welcome. Thnks!


One thing is to look for Plugins that crash and crash cubase, or maybe you using Jbridge for VST-32bit plugins?
That could be the main problem. And also to watch out when Cubase gets stuck or crashes.
Mostly you find plugins to be crashing first.

I only have 64bit plugins. I thought tha maybe there was some valuable information in the crash dump regarding what plugin is causing the problem.