Cubase pro 9 crashing within a few minutes of launch

Hey all,

A new build with a fresh install of Windows Pro 10 1703.
Gigabyte X299 Aorus Gaming 9
i7 7820x
64Gb Corsair Vengence 2666
latest dongle

Every Time I launch Cubase, It crashes within a couple of minutes to a blue screen every time. Its a WHEA_uncorrrectable_Error. This would point to a hardware issue. Cubase is the only program failing at the moment. Ableton works flawlessly on this build. No other software is causing issues so far. No other instability at all.

I have done extensive testing including reinstalling the OS and software, drivers etc, a new license key dongle,and 30+ hours testing every possible idea I could come up with.

My test has been stripped down to an OS with just the necessary drivers and Cubase on a fresh partition with the same crashing results.

I’m wondering how to contact Germany directly. I’m hoping they might be a bit more sympathetic to someone who is being as self reliant as possible but just can’t get any further without help. I can provide a mini dump file to anyone in Gernmany who could take a look for me. Us support person said he would pass it on to Germany, but I would rather communicate with them directly if that’s posssible. I did not have a productive interaction with US support.


Does Cubase make the crash dump file (Documents/Steinberg/Crashdumps)? If yes, could you share the file with me, please?

Unfortunately, Cubase can’t because the the whole system crashes. (BSOD) I can send a mini dump file. At this point its all I have to go on.

I just ran memtest for 12 hours with no errors.

Thanks for the reply Martin.

I also had a problem with my windows 7 partition that I wasn’t going to mention here but saw someone post on the exact same problem on Tonymacx86 forum. He is using completely different motherboards with the same x299 chipset.

Cubase 9 crashes at startup when it reaches the vst mixer loading point. Cubase 8.5 works fine. Same exact thing happened to me but but he is running a mac os…hmmm. I thought it might have been because I migrated that OS to the new machine but perhaps it was another issue.

So, I just spoke with support and they are taking the position that it is a hardware problem and not Cubase. I am stuck for sure…

Swapped out the mobo with a Gigabyte X299 gaming Ultra. Same result…I have supicions about the licenser but can’t get that acknowledged either.

I guess I’m no longer a Cubase user…Its not by choice. I can’t run the software…I’m screwed.

Beware. Iv’e spent about 70 hours on this build and for all off the swapping of hardware and multiple OS installs and every other thing I could think to try including contacting Steinberg, I can’t use Cubase 9.

If anyone else is successfully using the X299 chipset out there, please let me know. Any clues might help at this point.

And to be clear: ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES WITH ABLETON LIVE 9.7.4 on the same system…


I don’t think it’s e-Licenser. The license is checked at the very beginning.

Yes, but doesn’t elicenser continuously communicate with the software? IF you unplug the dongle the software will cease I believe.

Yes, it does.

So it is conceivable that something hardware related could be going on with regards to the software accessing the dongle.

I have done a lot of testing and swapping of components over the last week and a half. INstalled the OS on different ssd drives, swapped mobo’s, I memtested the ram, I stress tested the cpu. Did a bare bones install with as little as possible and Cubase still crashed all the same. The only constant with Cubase is the dongle. Meanwhile Abelton has zero issues so far. I’m going to try a clean install of Windows 7 and that’s as far as I go.

I’m guessing not too many people are trying what I’m doing. With good reason too…

If you think, there is an issue with the USB-eLicenser, could you try to download Cubase Elements Trial, please? Once you activate the Trial license, make sure the USB-eLicenser is not plugged in (to activate it to the Soft-eLicenser). Then start Cubase Elements with the Soft-eLicenser only (no USB-eLicenser connected).

will do thanks

need to create a soft license and dont have options in the software.

Installation of Cubase a elements will create it.

I did the install activation. It still did not create a soft license. Probably because I already have usb keys registered in the system.

ill email support and see if can get some help. uggg

No, There USB-eLicenser shouldn’t be the blocker here.

Please search Steinberg Knowledge base. There is an article about Soft-eLicenser is missing and how to solve it.

cool, installing a windows 7 partition right now. will try this shortly…oops i stayed up all night again!lol

thanks for your help by the way…

So a fresh install of Windows 7 has the behavior of cubase 9 crashing at the vst mixer load point like before. Cubase 8.5 works fine though.

trying cubase essentials 9 now…will update shortly

Cubase essentials crashes the same without the usb key…So maybe chipset drivers…hmmm…

going to bed now.

Having the same problem here…

Would love to know of any developments!