Cubase Pro 9 don´t want open

Hi, I’m having problems with Cubase Pro 9 (like so many others). Now it does not open, it closes before starting the program. When it opens, if I want to open a project it closes unexpectedly. Also when I want to create a new one. I have tried to reset preferences with Cubase safe boot, but more of the same. It is not plugins problem, Cubase Pro 8.5 works correctly (well it has its stuff), but I can work with it, however with the CU Pro9 nothing at all, I have not yet been able to start any project, nor finish any with it.
Anyone with a similar problem that could solved it?
Mac Pro 2012, 24 GB de Ram, 2x 3,33 Ghz Xeon. SO El Capitan 10.11.6

Alberto Ayuso
Four Hands Project