cubase pro 9 download ?

Hello I

I bought from someone Cubase pro 9
Originally he was 8.5

i dont have the Cubase pro 9
and i dont want install the 8.5 version

the dongle is ok and i saw that is 9

someone have link to pro 9 version ?

If you have registered it you should be able to download it from your MySteinberg account. There aren’t general open download links available as far as I’m aware.

…and by register he means register the USB Elicenser Key that holds the license. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes but its told me that “This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.”
i have all

but i need the install of cubase 9 pro only

Whoever you bought it from, needs to unregister the USB licenser from his MySteinberg account.

Look here.

However as the License shows as an EDU license, I’m not sure if it works as it is not allowed to resell that.

I just need the installation of cubase pro 9 not have to register again
The only disk I have is 8.5

Educational licenses cannot be resold unless they have been updated/upgraded, which will make it a full commercial license. Something seems a little bit off here. Basically, you are asking to download software that you don’t have the right to use unless you can provide proof of eligibility.

Everything works thanks

The seller brought me his user. I reactivated the software ,
and now i download the cubase pro 9 thank you