Cubase Pro 9 license broken after 10 [Solved]

I ran the licenser maintenance yesterday and added the activation code for 9.5. It auto upgraded to 10. So far, so good.

I haven’t installed anything yet and just tried to bring up 9 in the studio. I was greeted by a dialogue that says,

“You have not activated your Cubase 9 license permanently yet. You may use it for another 1 h 33 min. Please activate the permanent license in the eLicenser Control Center.”

Does anyone have any insights as to why my Cubase Pro 9 license has been affected? I don’t want to take any action until I understand this, as it never happened with previous upgrades.

Leaving this post up in case anyone else encounters a similar situation.

I have two different computers I run Cubase on. I’d run the eLicenser in the B room, but just now tried to launch Cubase in the A room. So, I ran the eLicense control center in the A room, let it do the maintenance tasks, after which 9 came up fine.