Cubase Pro 9 license upgrade FAILS

Trying to upgrade license to cubase 9 pro and keep getting the error message below from
the elicenser app.
activation error.png
I am online with active connection to this board and activated both Nuendo 7 and wavelab 9 from same machine using latest elicenser app to the usb key. It’s not me it has got to be on the server end - what’s going on with the license servers???

Have you performed a elicenser cleanup before trying to upgrade your license?

The e-licenser server seems to be down quite often! I had huge difficulty last year getting connected, others have reported similar problems. It may be there is a high demand for some reason at the moment. That might account for it.

…and indeed that you have the latest version of the Licenser software.

Though it is possible that the license website was indeed down…it wouldn’t be the first time. Seems to be up at the moment, however.