Cubase Pro 9+ MixConsole WaveForm Automation

Good Evening,

For anyone who uses Cubase Pro 9 and above (very curious about 9.5), I have the following question:

Does the MixConsole waveform view show automation data? ie Pans, Fades, Volume, etc? Or is it simply displaying the static waveform in the timeline? If so, does anyone have any screenshots? An idea of what I’m looking for is attached. Thanks!


No, it doesn’t show any automation track data.

Ok, so just the static waveform? Got it, thanks!

It uses the same waveform shown in the project window, so anything that actually changes the waveform (like fades, clip gain, volume curves drawn with the pen tool…) will also be reflected here.

Automation curves are currently not shown and I don’t remember if there’s any DAW software that supports that (the screenshot is from a Avid S6 control surface), but I guess that could be an interesting feature request.

Thanks Romantique Tp! And good eye, that is from the Avid S6 display module.

I was requesting an answer on this as I have been arranging the purchase of an S6. I have no desire/ need for the separate display modules that don’t really add much value to my particular workflow. I’m sure it’s critical to others, but not I. That said, the feature of having the waveform display vertically, aligned with its channel demoed REALLY well. If I could spend the majority of the session in the MC, I feel like I would stay in the creative zone a lot longer.

And YES this would be a great feature. I like the malleability of the MC, so furthering that would be amazing.