Cubase pro 9 - No Manual and missing links - solved

Hello. :slight_smile:
I just realized there is no manual in the help menu. I don’t often use it, but sometimes I need to look something up. It wasn’t too easy to find online either, but here it is if anyone else is looking:

I also get this message

(see image) every time I select anything in the hub-menu EXCEPT “open hub” and “register now”
I also get this message when I try to upload to soundcloud via export.

Thankful for any help. Otherwise I really enjoy this release


The help is available online. The menu item opens your web browser with relevant link. Make sure, you are using the latest 9.0.10 update, please.

Regarding the 2nd error (I would recommend to make a new thread), it seems, something is wrong with your web browser. Is MIE installed on your system?

Hello thanks for answering. I don’t know what you mean with MIE. Microsoft Internet Explorer? If that is what you mean, no I don’t use that. Edge is installed though even though I don’t use that either.

Yes, I have the latest update, but it happened in version 8 as well.

I use chrome as a browser and there are no problems there. It is the default. The error comes up in notepad, not any broswer.


Cubase 8 and Cubase 9 handle manual differentl Cubase 8 contains PDF file, in Cubase 9, there is just a link to the web page.

The Cubase 9 is available offline as a PDF but doesn’t automatically link from the program which appears to be a retrogressive step to me (though it’s often useful to have it open on a tablet at the side of one’s computer anyway).

Ok, thanks for the replies. I do wonder if people read what I said… But no prob. I will start a new thread with the missing links.


The message you sent, is it from Cubase 8 or 9?

Well, as the title says, this is about Cubase pro 9.
Just mentioning I had this problem in Cubase pro 8 as well.



I just wunder, why is the TextEditor open on the screenshot you sent? Does Cubase open it instead of the Internet Browser?

Yes that is the message that happens. Yes, cubase 9 pro opens this (notepad) instead of the browser.



Are you sure, any internet browser is set as a default app to open HTM and HTML files in your system, please?

Yes I am sure. I mean, I screencaptured what happens. I have a default browser. It is Chrome. It has been default for a long time.


OK, it’s your default browser, but is it a default application for the HTM/HTML files?

It’s something with the file association that has several layers to it.
I would do a search in the registry for notepad.
I had a similar thing happen once when I had set the edit html to notepad.

That sounds reasonable, I will look into that