Cubase Pro 9, stereo output won't work

Howdy, very new to this forum, lokking to troubleshoot a problem i’ve had. I’m a very novice cubase user, yet the first times I used it I had no trouble using my Tascam audio interface to record, the program recieved my audio inputs into my samsung rf711 laptop from the year 2010, and had generally little to no lag, i recieved the stereo out just fine until just now, when I hooked up 4 microphones to rexord my drumkit, suddenly the stereo out won’t work, when I open a mono channel the uses any of the audio outputs that stereo out uses, the signal works for like three seconds then doesn’t work anymore. Has anyone had a similar experience, will upload some screenshots to show the problems I’ve had. Cheers!

Hi and welcome,

Try to increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please. Or use other than Tascam ASIO Driver (ASIO4ALL).