Cubase Pro 9 - Updates

Ok i am confused about updates for Cubase 9 Pro and all the items (VSTi) that come with it.
I allready installed the Cubase Update.
Like today i found an Update for Groove Agent SE 4, that was from 1 august.

What kind of updates do i have to look for ?

Cubase 9 Pro Updates
Groove Agent SE 4 Updates
can somebody fill this in ?..

Thx for the Help!

I have CUBASE 9 Pro, my question was what to watch out for Updates ?

Cubase 9 Pro - Updates
Halion Sonic SE - Updates
Groove Agent SE 4 - Updates
Retrologue 2 - Updates

As far as i found out now, i have to look for these updates…

The should all be in the latest Cubase update installer.

By default you only have to look for Groove Agent SE 4 updates. You only have to look for Halion Sonic SE updates if you install HS SE 3.

Thx for the answers. It confuses me but i have the Cubase Pro 9.0.30 Update.
But the installer does not seem to scan for more updates.
So i found an update of Groove Agent SE 4.
It worries me that i have to goto the forum to check for updates.
There is no update software that checks for updates ?
Eh NO…

I love Cubase 9 Pro, Halion 6 and Wavelab 9 Pro.
But i would expect Steinberg now to be more easy, as for updates i was not expecting that a users should constantly be checking for updates…