Cubase Pro 9 & Voicelive 3 Extreme post processing

I want to try using the Voicelive 3 Extreme over USB to create a harmony vocal post processing. I can follow everything in the manual and forum but here is the challenge…no luck finding it in Cubase as a device.

I can see it in windows 10 as both input and output yet nothing in Cubase. Have tried clicking the + button in devices but nothing is listed that would remotely look like the Voicelive or Windows input and output?

I am a newbie to Cubase (2 months) and have learned a lot from this forum by reading posts daily, yet this has me stumped.

I hope I’m missing something very simple!

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer

P.S. I think I could run the stereo out from Focusrite to in on Voicelive and the outs from Voicelive to ins on Focusrite to record but am hoping to save a ton of cable swapping considering my Voicelive is always hooked up USB.