Cubase Pro Acoustic Agent - Cannot Find It

Hi Folks

New here so be gentle :slight_smile: I did search for a while for a solution to this .

I am getting to grips with Cubase 8 Artist and cannot for the life of me figure out how to load the Acoustic Agent. I can load VST Instrument Groove Agent SE and the Beat Agent but cannot find the Acoustic Agent.

I downloaded and installed Groove Agent SE Acoustic Agent for Cubase Elements as suggested by another user and it seemed to install fine but I still cannot locate that , although I can see it (I think) in my MediaBay (see screenshot)
Any idea what I might be doing wrong ?


Actually I found it last night after doing more digging around - I had to change the default search filters and tick an option “Library Name” or something like that and it appeared in my list , I will post a screenshot of it later this evening when I am home for work .