Cubase Pro and Elements on same MySteinberg account

I currently own Cubase Pro, and of course, love it. For various reasons, I would like to purchase Elements to put it on another computer and use it simultaneously.

Would there be any issues or conflicts if I purchase and register it with the same My Steinberg account that Pro is on?


No, there is no issue.

BUT!!! When you will activate your Cubase Elements license on the computer, make sure the USB-eLicenser is unplugged (!!!). Otherwise the Cubase Elements license would be written to the USB-eLicenser, not Soft-eLicenser, and there is no way back. I expect you want to have a Soft-eLicenser Cubase version for example for traveling.

Got it; I will keep the USB eLicenser far away from the Elements machine. Thanks.

I suppose that the My Steinberg account will simply say that I own both versions, and all is good.

Exactly. I your MySteinberg account you will see the USB-eLicenser with your Cubase Pro license and the Soft-elicenser with the Cubase Elements license. Two totally independent licenses.

I have a elements on my laptop. I have also a cubase pro on my laptop. When I dont have the dongle I use elements. No problem to have both on the same computer.