Cubase Pro Content in Download center

Don’t know if I’m missing something but is the content that you see in your downloads center free? for example I have a fully licensed copy of Cubase 11 , in download center I see things like Jazz essentials, Blues essentials are available for Groove Player, It says nothing about having to buy them but after downloading them a few weeks ago I am now getting a message saying the Licences are missing or the trial has expired.

Either they are not free or I have a license issue, but I don’t want to go messing with that unless I have to. Any guidance would be appreciated.



Yes. I think there are a couple of free things (glockenspiel, for example), but most are paid.

Look here for expansions for GA:

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You understand correctly, they are not free.
Only titles in the Cubase Pro 11 section are included with Cubase Pro license. Other sections are other products.

But, there is a sale going on

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Thanks Steve/Knopf. Yeah the download Centre does not make any of this very clear. You would expect it would have some tag somewhere to say you need a license key, and even the install doesn’t mention that its a trial. Thankfully I had not used them on any tracks.



Yes, additionally I wish that each item you already own could have a mark, so that you can easily find them and look if an update is available, for example. Or simply to have a general look.

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